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WELCOME TO SWANKY SECONDS where we are always accepting fashion and home items from both existing and new consignors. We only accept items that we know we can resell; this knowledge comes from years of experience, carefully observing the preferences of our local customers.

Although we would like to accept all gently used, designer fashion and home items, our space is limited and our customers’ style is unique; therefore, please do not be offended if we turn down fabulous items that are in great condition.


 ***For a complete list of  designer brands that are Accepted and Not Accepted, please see our Brands Page***

Accepted Fashion & Home Items/Styles

FASHION ITEMS/STYLES that we ACCEPTTank tops, short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, hoodies, sweaters, cardigans, vests, ponchos, jackets, coats, furs (during fall/winter), skinny and straight leg jeans, leggings, tights, unused socks/stockings, skirts, dresses, formal wear, athletic wear, Wisconsin/Milwaukee team sports wear, resort/beach wear (including unused bathing suits), perfume/cologne, shoes, boots, scarves, gloves, hats, jewelry, belts, purses, cross-body purses, wallets, evening purses, make up bags, totes, briefcases, travel bags, luggage, sunglasses, designer dog apparel and carriers, umbrellas, and high-end men’s accessories such as a Burberry scarf or Louis Vuitton tie (especially before the winter holidays).

FASHION ITEMS/STYLES that we SELECTIVELY ACCEPT Suits, pants, turtlenecks, blazers, velvet jackets, one shoulder dresses, strapless dresses, open (“cold”) shoulder tops/dresses, sheer tops, button down tops, short cotton cardigans, corduroy and suede jackets/pants, capris, shorts, jean skirts, plain t-shirts, unused intimates and robes, clothing out of season.

FASHION ITEMS/STYLES that we DO NOT ACCEPTWedding dresses, dresses from bridal stores (including JCrew bridesmaids dresses), men’s clothing, kid’s clothing, underwear, used socks, clothing with shoulder pads, one shoulder tops, wrap tops, tops that have a tie at the bottom (in front or on the side), sweaters with tight waistbands, short waisted tank tops, polo shirts, suit separates, vintage clothing, camis, sweater sets,  jeans with bell/flare/striaght leg/bootcut bottoms, mock turtlenecks, ruffle neckline tops and dresses, non-designer purses, monogrammed Coach purses/wallets (those with the letter “C”),  shoes with foot pads or remnants of pads, velour track suits,  plain JCrew/Ann Taylor/Loft/BR capris and pants,  watches without batteries or with resale values less then $59, sheer scarves, square scarves, rubber flip flops, and clothing that is wrinkled, shrunk, stained, pilled, missing hardware, and/or missing a label.

HOME ITEMS that we ACCEPT:  Vanities,  accent tables, accent chairs, futons, sofa tables, plant stands, jewelry chests, larger wine racks, small bars, barware, stools, bedroom chests, benches, bookshelves, screens/room dividers, vintage luggage, art, mirrors, lamps, wall decor, larger planters/garden decor (spring/summer), designer throw blankets/pillows/rugs, journals, and books (Paris, fashion & dog topics only).

HOME ITEMS that we DO NOT ACCEPT:  Bedroom furniture, dining room tables/chairs, couches (other than futons), buffets, china cabinets, hutches, armories, t.v. stands, comforters, sheets, large rugs, linens, curtains, collectibles, candle sticks and holders, brass, china, dishware, utensils, light fixtures (except table lamps), bathroom fixtures/decor, and most electronics.

Item Condition

Bring your items clean and free of wrinkles, cigarette smoke, odors, spots, stains, pills, holes, tears, deodorant marks, or any other damaging issue. Be sure that all original buttons, zippers, belts, knobs, and other original parts are still on the item and make sure they work as they are suppose to (watches/clocks must have working batteries). Items can be on hangers OR neatly folded in bins/bags.

Consignment Intake

We take items for consignment at the front counter, Tuesday-Sunday during store hours of operation. ***You do not need to make an appointment***

Inventory Report

Within 20 days of dropping off items, you will receive an email with your Consignment Agreement (new consignors) and Inventory Report attached. Please open the attached Inventory Report to verify it accurately lists the items that you left for consignment. If it does not, please promptly notify management so we can resolve the matter in a timely and effective manner. We recommend creating your own inventory list or take a photo of items that were initially accepted for consignment by front counter staff. This will ensure that you can easily identify any item that may not ultimately be listed on your Inventory Report.

Our email will indicate either all your items were priced -OR- a few items were not ultimately selected by management for consignment due to condition, style, brand, age, season, or existing stock level. If the email indicates a few items are being returned, you must retrieve the items within 5 working days. If you will be out of town, you may reply requesting additional time and indicating a modified pick up date of no more than 4 weeks out. Once the window for pick up has past, items become the property of Swanky Seconds or donated to a charity of our choice.

If you do not receive an email containing your Inventory Report within 30 days of dropping off items (typically due to an illegible email address, an AOL email server, or various email system’s default spam/junk/promotion filter settings), please send an email inquiring about the status of your items. By sending an email, most servers will then recognize our email account as valid and not filter messages to a spam/promotion folder. We also can then check that your email address was entered correctly in our database for future communications.

Mark Downs

Consigned items are automatically marked down twice while on the sales floor (10% on day 30 and an additional 10% on day 60).  Markdowns are cumulative. Also, if the store is running a promotion (example: All Shoes 15% off), then the promotion would apply to all items in the store. Management reserves the right to mark down the price of your items(s) at any time.

Consignment Duration – Consignment End Dates

The consignment period is between 60-120 days, depending on the date items were dropped off for consignment. At drop off, you will receive a Consignment Card that identifies the month in which your consignment period will end. If you previously elected to pick up items that did not sell (rather than have them donated), the Consignment Card will also identify the week (5 days) that your unsold items will be available for you to pick up. As a double reminder, we will also supply you with this same information in the top right corner of the Inventory Report that we email to you once management has entered each item’s description and price into the consignment database.

Please Note: It is the consignor’s responsibility to remember the pick up week date associated with each drop off. By moving to a standard schedule, Swanky may no longer send an email reminder at Consignment End.

Swanky will, however, continue to send an email at Consignment End to those consignors in which we would like to request to “reconsign” some or all of their items for another consignment period. This email will occur before the scheduled pick up week to ensure consignors do not make an unnecessary trip.

Although unlikely, management reserves the right to end any consignment account early. If this occurs, you will be notified via email and asked to retrieve your items by a specified date that will be no less than 20 days from the date of the email.

Upcoming Consignment Drop Off – Consignment End – Consignment Pick Up Dates:

Drop Off: Dec 1, 2017 thru Jan 31, 2018           End: the first week of April 2018   Pick Up: April 22,2018 thru April 29, 2018

Drop Off: Feb 1, 2018 thru March 31, 2018     End: the first week of June 2018    Pick Up: June 23, 2018 thru June 3o, 2018

Drop Off: April 1, 2018 thru May 31, 2018      End: the first week of Aug 2018      Pick Up: Aug 24, 2018 thru Aug 31, 2018

Drop Off: June 1, 2018 thru July 31, 2018       End: the first week of Oct 2018       Pick Up: Oct 24, 2018 thru Oct 31, 2018

Drop Off: Aug 1, 2018 thru Sept 30, 2018        End: the first week of Dec 2018       Pick Up: Dec 23, 2018 thru Dec 30, 2018


After your consignment period has ended (refer to the above chart), your unsold items will be retrieved from the sales floor. Based on your chosen form of payment, you will either be issued a check (for 45% of total sales) or store credit (for 60% of total sales). Store credit never expires. To cover staffing costs associated with retrieving unsold items from the sales floor, a $5 return fee will be deducted from the account balance of consignors who have chosen to have their unsold items returned rather than donated.

If you will be receiving a check, it will be mailed to the address on file and should arrive before the last day of the month in which your consignment ended. ***If you do not receive your check in the mail within this timeframe, or if you received yet lost your consignment check, please promptly notify management so we can promptly resolve the matter.*** After 90 days has elapsed from check issuance, Swanky Seconds is no longer able to issue replacement checks.

Please note, for those who receive a check for payment, any balance less than $20 at the time of settlement will remain in your account to be used as Store Credit or can be rolled into your next settlement, at which time if the cumulative balance exceeds $20, we will issue you a check and send it by mail to your address on file.

If requested, we will gladly donate all (or a portion) of your consignment balance to local school- Swanky will also match the donation by 10%. You will be notified (by email) of the amount & timing of the donation before the check is mailed.

Return of Unsold Inventory

Unsold items that are being returned to you (per your contract selection) must be picked up on or before the end of your pick up week (as identified in the chart above). If you will be out of town, or an emergency arises, you can request additional time by sending us an email indicating a modified pick up date of no more than 4 weeks out. Once the original or modified pick up week/date has past, the items become the property of Swanky Seconds or donated to a charity of our choice.

If you have selected check as your form of payment for items that sold during the consignment period, a Settlement Report will accompany your check that is mailed to your address on file. The Settlement Report will indicate that either your items are being “Returned” or that your items have been “Donated.” The Settlement Report can serve as an additional reminder that your consignment period has ended.

When larger furniture pieces are being returned, please know that Swanky Seconds does not have staff available to assist with lifting; therefore, please arrive with at least 2 strong people to move your item(s) from the store to your vehicle. If you would like home furnishing items delivered back to you, send us an email before your consignment period ends and we will schedule delivery for you (a delivery fee will be charged) . Also, if you will be out of town, or an emergency arises, you may reply requesting additional time by sending us an email on or before the end of your pick up week. With your email request, you must specify a modified end date of no more than 4 weeks out. If you have not contacted Swanky Seconds to schedule a delivery or request an extended end date for picking up furniture,  and the original or modified pick up week has past, items become the property of Swanky Seconds or donated to a charity of our choice.

We recommend you review the items that are being returned to you. If an unsold item is not in your bag of returned items, please email us identifying the brand, category, and item number (listed on your Inventory and/or Settlement Report). Management keeps a log of items not found/returned at Consignment End. If/when your item is subsequently found, you will be sent an email to let you know that it is available for you to pick up.


Swanky Seconds pledges to do our best to protect your items from damage, theft, and loss; however, we are ultimately not responsible for damaged, stolen, or lost items during their time on the store’s premises.


***Thank you for considering Swanky Seconds as your consignment partner. Selling and purchasing consigned items assists our community in reaching its sustainability goals to reuse and recycle**

Housekeeping Note: Due to the volume of transactions conducted each day, we are typically unable to answer the store phone during store hours of operation. The best way to reach us during (and after) store hours is by email
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